What is Svper?

Svper helps you discover new road cycling and running routes. Our routing algorithms are optimized for each activity type. Road cycling routes prefer paved surfaces, secondary roads, cycle paths, and avoids busy roads and high speed traffic wherever possible. Running routes prefer paths that go through parks, forests or by water, and avoids busy roads wherever possible. There's lots of other magic ✨ under the hood, but that's the general idea.

Why did you make it?

Svper is the convergence of frustrations from two people, experiencing problems in two different long distance sports.

Brent: I've moved a few times in the last years and with each move have to learn all the roads from nothing. I love exploring places by bike, whether it's a new home or on vacation. I think it's one of the best ways to take in the scenery and get a feeling for the local culture. That means I also take with my bike on travels to places like Croatia and Italy. As a stranger in all of these places, I didn't like investing the time to find local guides, stalk Strava users, and re-create routes. Dropping and moving pins on a map too me just seemed inefficient and a waste of time. Even if I did spend the time to make a route, too many times I've been left gassed after a big climb only to find out roads don't connect or forced onto single track (on my roadbike) to connect to another road.

I couldn't find anything that did what I wanted so I started researching, designing, and looking for a kick-ass partner.

Sam: It was born out of frustration I had whilst travelling frequently on business trips to new cities. I'd often want to go for a run, but didn't know the city and was fairly short on time. This typically led to me manually plotting a running route on Google Maps or MapMyRun, which was a time consuming and manual process if you wanted to find a picturesque route that was actually runnable (i.e. not blocked off by impassable roads) and fit within my desired distance.

Essentially, I wanted to be able to say "Give me a round-trip route that's roughly 10km, and features as much nature as possible". This is one of the things that Svper can do.

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